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Ingest, govern & analyse data from a single platform

Data Pipes creates a shared repository of trusted data, so that anyone in the organisation can start analysing and sharing data with clear indication of data ownership


Your tools & your rules

Data Pipes comes with an extensive list of pre-built data source connectors for on-premises and cloud databases, SaaS applications, documents, NoSQL sources, and more to quickly load data into your cloud data environment.


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Comprehensive out-of-the-box integration to get to data value quickly. 

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Perfectly replicate data in minutes with minimal load on the source systems.

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Understand your data with end-to-end data visualization & granular analysis.

Data Catalog

Discover, sort, and organize all your data intelligently

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Data Catalog

At the core of Data Pipes is the Data Catalog that provides users with a shared repository of trusted data. Searchable like Google, it allows users to discover and search for existing data, create and edit any metadata from the datasets.


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Shared repository of trusted data

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Data discoverability

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Metadata creation from datasets


The automated Data Lineage helps users understand where the data is coming from and how it is being used, to validate that they are working with the right data.


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Automated data lineage

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Data validation

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Integrated Analysis

Direct integrations with cloud-hosted analytical tools allows users to go directly from the catalog to data analysis, machine learning modelling and sharing them with users across the organization.


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Cloud-hosted analytical tools

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Transition from data cataloging to machine learning modelling

Features Data Catalog

Data Governance

Gain peace of mind with complete auditability

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Access Control

Data Pipes provides a powerful suite of tools to control access to data for all users. Authorized users can create rules that grant users access to data based on their Role & Department, these rules can grant or deny access to specific tables, and individual columns and rows.


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Create data access rules to prevent misuse of data

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Grant access according to roles & departments

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Create rules specific to individual tables, columns
and rows

Classified Data

Individual columns in Data Pipes can be marked as classified, this allows rules to be easily created to deny access for unauthorized users to classified data.


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Create data access rules

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Protect data from unauthorised users

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Data Pipes automatically keeps an audit trail of data access and permission changes by the users in real-time. These audit trails can be easily exported for any audit purposes.


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Real-time audit updates

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Change log for rule & permission changes

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Quick & seamless exports

Features Data Governance

Data Ingest

Replicates data using state of the art CDC technology

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With a no code interface, Data Pipes users can create data ingestion pipelines from a variety of data source connectors such as SQL databases, CSV, IoT and REST API. Data Pipes supports Change Data Capture from RDBMS, which can reduce the bandwidth requirements for replication by a factor of 1000.


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Easy to use no code interface

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Variety of source connectors

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State-of-the-art CDC technology

Data Preparation

Before the data reaches the data lake during ingestion, Data Pipes provides direct integration with cloud hosted data preparation tools for users to clean, normalize and prepare data from an intuitive user interface.


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Cloud hosted data preparation tools

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Clean, normalize & prepare data for data replication

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PII Aware

During Ingestion, Data containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is automatically identified and users can select how data containing PII can be masked, tokenized or tagged.


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Automatically tagging of PII data

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Mask, tokenised & classify PII data

Features Data Ingestion


Make data-driven decisions and build data enabled products


Trust your data

Understand the full context of your data. Know where your data is coming from, how it is being used and who is using them.


Built for collaboration

Quickly go from data discovery to analysis and easily share insights and machine learning models across the organization


Secure by Design

Organize and manage your data to enable access only to the authorized users. Foster accountability in data use and promote data ethics.


“CloudCover and Data Pipes help align the data-driven culture we’re building at Civil Service College by fostering collaboration on data across all internal and external segments of the organization.”


Dr. Loke Chok Kang

Head of Data Office at Civil Service College.

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