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A Cloud Native
Data Management Platform

Data Pipes helps analytics and IT teams to control, trust & democratize data and treat their data as a product.

What is Data Pipes?
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Unlimited Free Data Ingestion for Snowflake

Our Customers

Join the growing list of companies on their journey to data

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Key Features

Discover, sort, and organize all your data intelligently

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Data Catalog

Searchable like Google, discover and understand existing datasets and who’s the expert. Quickly find the right datasets to work on a use case


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Shared repository of trusted data

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Data discoverability

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Metadata creation from datasets

Data Governance

Stay in control of your data. Manage and organize your data to grant access to only authorized users for each dataset.


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Create data access rules to prevent misuse of data

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Grant access according to roles & departments

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Create rules specific to individual tables, columns and rows

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