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SMARTLab drives data collaboration with Data Pipes

Data Pipes + AWS + SMARTLab


  • Data Pipes was the chosen data platform to facilitate the exchange of data to build innovative solutions and proof of concepts.
  • Data Pipes created a sandbox environment allowing members to experiment with the readily available data, with the ability to monetize the data with cloud-hosted analytical tools
  • Data Pipes ensures all members' PII information are protected using classification, with the ability to tag and mask sensitive data.
  • Data Pipes allows fine-grained permissions to be set to determine the access level of each partner, enabling SMARTLab to onboard partners with Data Pipes access quickly and securely.


CapitaLand has co-invested with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) to set up a SMARTLab Innovation Center for the purpose of Data Exchange between companies to drive innovation towards Smart Nation Initiatives in Singapore.

SMARTLab provides a platform for companies to share problem statements and collaborate with technology players to co-develop and trial new solutions for commercialization, both in Singapore and overseas.


Connecting disparate data sources from SMARTLab and their partners into a unified platform that allows quick and easy access to visualization tools, while keeping the data secure.
SMARTLab needed to create a movement of data between data owners and data consumers across targeted segments to drive innovation, and support new services and products.

They required a platform that would allow them to self serve data from various sources, store and manage the different format and sources of data from SMARTLab and their partners, to monetize the data and offer insights to their partners and customers by providing a sandbox playground environment to quickly explore and experiment with the data.


A Cloud-Native Data Management Platform


Intuitive and easy to set up, Data Pipes was chosen to empower this data exchange.
This data exchange, powered and set up by Data Pipes on AWS, is built upon the tenet of ingesting data across a variety of sources. Data from different sources are streamlined into a centralize location, leveraging on the key Data Pipes features  to improve efficiency and allow for increased transparency between stakeholders.
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Sandbox accounts were created that allowed SMARTLab partners to use the data for advanced analytics and innovation on the cloud.

Access control Capabilities

Data Pipes allows fine-grained permissions to be set to determine what data the partners can access. This structure enables SMARTLab to onboard their network of partners to gain access to the data in Data Pipes quickly and securely.

Stay in control of your data

When access is no longer required, the sandbox account can be off boarded quickly, with the data still remaining within the realm of Data Pipes within the SMARTLab account.


Data Pipes Capabilities used

Cloud native is an approach to building and running applications using the best that modern technology offers. Taken as a whole, it becomes a comprehensive architecture for innovation that incorporates the concepts.

Data Ingest

At the core of Data Pipes is a Data Catalog, providing a shared repository of trusted data. Integrated with cloud hosted analytical tools, allowing users to go directly from the catalog to analyzing of data. 

Data Catalog

At the core of Data Pipes is a Data Catalog, providing a shared repository of trusted data. Integrated with cloud hosted analytical tools, allowing users to go directly from the catalog to analyzing of data. 

PII Management

To establish rules and limitations of shareable data. Fosters accountability in data use and promotes data ethics using classification, tagging and masking of sensitive data to ensure it’s protected.


Manage and organize your data to enable collaboration and access to only authorized users. To allow or disallow access through access control, providing access to SMARTLab’s data producers and data consumers for them to access and analyse the datasets.


Data Pipes creates a shared repository of trusted data to facilitate product development and innovation.
Data Pipes is enabling SMARTLab’s members, from startups and enterprises, to seamlessly infuse any data source to a unified data lake in the cloud, which allows other members to effectively consume a variety of data, and use it for analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and building innovative solutions and proof of concepts while protecting member’s PII information.
“Data Pipes' interface, search capabilities and integrated data security features have allowed us to learn the system quickly, and given us the assurance to use it for our day-to-day operation.”
Aylwin Tan, Chief Customer Solutions Officer, CapitaLand Ltd.


Amazon Web Services launched ASEAN’s first Cloud Innovation Center (CIC) in Singapore.
The center’s first co-innovation lab collaboration is with Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab (SMARTLab) which will connect industry leaders in the Smart City Arena, to uncover challenges and innovate on solutions.
November 2021 - Vishal Parpia, Co-founder of CloudCover, giving a demo of Data Pipes to Peter Moore (left), AWS Worldwide Public Sector, regional managing director, Asia Pacific and Japan, and Jessica Tan (2nd from left), deputy speaker of Parliament of Singapore and member of the Parliament East Coast Group Representation Constituency (GRC) among others.
The new center will serve as a hub for public and private sector organisations to use cloud technology with digital innovation capabilities to solve Innovation Challenges to address the critical problems or opportunities facing public and private sector organisations.

Data Pipes was chosen to create an Intelligent Estate data exchange to consolidate data from different parts of any building, and help building owners, facilities and estate managers to innovate on sustainability and environment health safety solutions to reduce carbon footprint.

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